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Below you will find links to each episode and vidoes that compliment the episode.


Episode 17 – BOOK CLUB – We look at Beloved by Toni Morrison

Episode 16 with Lily Fouts – Jeff and Lily examine a scene of her memoir.

Episode 15 with Laura Humm – Jeff and Laura attack the question, “What is one thing you can start doing right now to improve your dialogue?”

Episode 14 with Tory Element – Jeff and Tory work on a science fiction piece together.

Episode 13 with Wendy Elkins – Jeff and Wendy read a scene from when Harry Met Sally

Episode 12 with Matty Dalrymple – Jeff and Matty discuss carrying a character across a series and audiobooks.

Episode 11 with Jeff Elkins – Jeff edits the first book he ever wrote.

Episode 10 with SA Schneider – SA Schneider and Jeff talk fan fiction and writing Doctor Who.

Episode 9 with Laura Humm – Laura returns to the podcast to talk about building a large cast of characters.

Episode 8 with Sharilyn Decter – Jeff and Sharilyn sit down to discuss a piece together.

Episode 7 with Rachael Muller – Jeff and Rachael discuss scenes from the TV show, The X Files.

Episode 6 with Janet Kitto – Jeff and Janet sit down to design a character Janet is preparing to write.

Episode 5 with Laura Humm – Jeff and Laura sit down to discuss what makes great dialogue.

Episode 4 with J Thorn – Jeff and J sit down to discuss the first chapter of a book J is starting.

Episode 3 with Rachael Muller – Jeff and Rachael discuss scenes from the TV show, The Magicians.

Episode 2 with Alicia McCalla – A conversation about Alicia’s work, the need for diverse characters, and writing unique voices.

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