Episode 90 – Jeff and Laura Q&A

In this episode, Jeff and Laura tackle several questions together that all revolve around writing and understanding character voice. Topics in this episode include:

1) Jeff rambling about his upcoming novel – 3:00 minute mark

2) What is happening in the community this week? – 5:00 minute mark

3) If you were a cake, what kind of cake would you be and why? – 8:00 minutes mark

4) What are you currently working on outside of the day job? 12:30 minute mark

5) What is something you recently learned? – 17:55 minute mark

6) An aside about Canada – 25:20 minute mark

7) What’s the best thing you’ve read/watched recently? – 26:50 minute mark

8) Memorable character voices you’ve encountered in entertainment – TV, Movies, of Books? – 33:45 minute mark

9) Memorable “character” voices you’ve encountered in real life that would work in a book? – 49:20 minute mark

10) What part of next weekend do you think is going to be the most helpful for people who attend? – 1:04:10 minute mark

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