Congratulations on finishing your draft! We’re excited about helping you take your project to the next level.


Want to improve your dialogue and get some feedback on a drafted scene?

If you have listened to the podcast, you’ve likely heard us do one of these sessions. Durning these sessions, we will give you developmental edits on 2000 words and then give you tips that will help you improve your character voices and how you are using dialogue. This includes a 60-minute Zoom call with Jeff or Laura.

Price: $79 per session


Finished your draft and want notes on your story?

After giving your manuscript a thoughtful read, Jeff will provide a Three Story Method analysis of each chapter, notes on characterization and character voices, and a completed Story Rubric (download the free template) covering: Genre, Character, Worldbuilding, Wants & Needs, Showing vs. Telling, Passive Voice, Theme, and the Three Cs. This includes a 60-minute Zoom call with Jeff.

Along with the editorial service, you will get a free digital download of the book Three Story Method and a free 1-year membership in the Author Success Mastermind.

Currently, Jeff is only able to take one client a month and guarantees you’ll have your book back in 60 days. Reserve your month now.

Price: $2995 for up to 60,000 words ($250 for each addition 10,000 words)


Have a finsihed story and need someone to give you detailed notes on your work?

This is the Dialogue Doctor’s most comprehensive service. Jeff or Laura will provide line-by-line notes on your full manuscript that focus on helping you create engaging character voices and taking your readers on an emotional journey. This includes a 90-minute Zoom call.

Price: $6995 for up to 60,000 words ($400 for each additional 10,000 words)