Episode 17 – Book Club – Beloved by Toni Morrison

In the first Book Club episode of the Dialogue Doctor, Jeff and Laura sit in awe of Toni Morrison’s Beloved. They marvel at Morrison’s fantastic characterization, her ability to modulate character voices to pull readers in, and the powerful emotional pull of the book. You can listen to the episode anywhere you download podcasts. ToContinue reading “Episode 17 – Book Club – Beloved by Toni Morrison”

Episode 15 – Q&A with Laura Humm

In this episode, Laura Humm returns to answer questions. After hearing from a lot of authors that they are feeling overwhelmed, Jeff and Laura tackle the question, “What is one thing an author can start doing today to improve their dialogue?” In addition, Laura and Jeff have some hot “Who’s the Boss” chat and JeffContinue reading “Episode 15 – Q&A with Laura Humm”

Episode 14 – Tory Element

In this episode, Jeff sits down with author Tory Element to talk about writing dialogue in science fiction. They discuss building the “lovable rogue” character voice, putting a supporting cast around a hero, changing character voices when power dynamics change, writing fun AI voices, and picking catchphrases. Find more of Tory’s work at toryelement.com. YouContinue reading “Episode 14 – Tory Element”

Episode 13 – Jeff and Wendy Talk “When Harry Met Sally”

In this episode, Jeff has a very special guest – Wendy Elkins, his wife. Jeff and Wendy dive into the opening scene of When Harry Met Sally by Nora Ephron. Jeff and Wendy celebrate the amazing writing of this master artist, talk romantic comedy, and have a great time together laughing about a movie theyContinue reading “Episode 13 – Jeff and Wendy Talk “When Harry Met Sally””

Episode 12 – An Interview with Matty Dalrymple

Jeff and Matty Dalrymple sit down to talk about writing large group scenes, stretching characters across a series, and building an audiobook. To find more of Matty’s work, https://www.mattydalrymple.com/ https://www.facebook.com/matty.dalrymple/ https://twitter.com/mattydalrymple https://www.instagram.com/matty.dalrymple/ Matty Dalrymple,Author YouTube channel: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matty-dalrymple/Matty Dalrymple, The Indy Author: https://www.theindyauthor.com/The Indy Author YouTube channel: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matty-dalrymple/ You can listen to the episode by clickingContinue reading “Episode 12 – An Interview with Matty Dalrymple”

Episode 11 – Jeff Edits His Own Work

In this episode, Jeff returns to his first book that he wrote 6 years ago. Jeff looks at changing the voice of a character after the book has been written, manipulating power dynamics in a piece to enhance an inciting incident, and getting rid of dialogue summaries. This episode is meant to be a sampleContinue reading “Episode 11 – Jeff Edits His Own Work”

Episode 9 – Q and A with Laura Humm

In this week’s episode of the Dialogue Doctor, Jeff talks with his friend, mentor, and returning guest, Laura Humm. This time Jeff and Laura dig into building a complex cast of characters. They talk about characters they have loved in literature and then compare and contrast the voices in that cast. You can find theContinue reading “Episode 9 – Q and A with Laura Humm”

Episode 8 – Sharilyn Decter

In this episode, Jeff sits down with Sharilyn Decter to review a scene. Sharilyn is an amazing historical fiction author who’s work takes place in the prohibition era. Jeff and Shari talk about building a unique cast of characters, getting those contrasting characters to compliment one another, and making sure your work fits your timeContinue reading “Episode 8 – Sharilyn Decter”