Episode 31 – Q&A with Laura Humm and Michele Tracy Berger

In this episode, Jeff sits down with editor Laura Humm and author Michele Tracy Berger to answer the question, “What is something authors do in dialogue that makes you want to put the book down?” In this dynamic conversation, the trio discusses interrupting dialogue with motion, keeping readers engaged, our reading habits, and ensuring theContinue reading “Episode 31 – Q&A with Laura Humm and Michele Tracy Berger”

Episode 30 – James Jones

In this episode, Jeff sits down with new author, James Jones to look at a scene from James’ first book. They discuss analyzing the emotional flow of a scene, the cadence of dialogue, sticking with a character’s voice even when we are moving the plot forward, the difference between dialogue and plot, and more. ForContinue reading “Episode 30 – James Jones”

Episode 29 – Modulating Voices

In a solo episode, Jeff talks about modulating your characters’ voices in order to increase your readers’ emotional engagement in your work. Jeff explains what it means to modulate a voice, gives three reasons why you should do it, and talks about three things to keep in mind as you try it. To listen onContinue reading “Episode 29 – Modulating Voices”

Episode 28 – Doug Sjoquist

This week, Jeff sits down with new author, Doug Sjoquist. Looking through a piece together, Jeff and Doug talk about giving characters strong opening statements, contrasting character voices, using dialogue to move action scenes, and creating an emotional build. Jeff also rants about using inner thoughts instead of putting the words in the character’s mouth. Continue reading “Episode 28 – Doug Sjoquist”

Episode 27 – Sacha Black

This week, Jeff sat down with the fantastic Sacha Black. Sacha is the host of the Rebel Author Podcast and the co-host of the Next Level Authors podcast. Jeff and Sacha discuss the book she is working on, her character voices, how style plays into editing, writing characters in different power dynamics, using personification, planningContinue reading “Episode 27 – Sacha Black”

Episode 26 – Lethal Weapon Character Wheel

In this episode, Jeff and Laura sit down with author Tory Element to talk about the character voices in the movie Lethal Weapon. They break down the voices of Murtaugh and Riggs. They talk about what makes great “ally voices” and break down how to use a Dialogue Doctor Character Wheel to build character voices.Continue reading “Episode 26 – Lethal Weapon Character Wheel”

Episode 24 – Gender Mapping and Understanding Gender Diversity

In this very special episode, Dr. Paz Galupo of Towson University and Carin Galupo join Crys Cain and JP Rindfleisch of the Write Away Podcast, Mark Leslie of the Stark Reflections podcast, and Jeff and Laura to walk them through Gender Mapping and give insights into how we should understand gender. Make sure to checkContinue reading “Episode 24 – Gender Mapping and Understanding Gender Diversity”

Episode 23 – Die Hard Character Wheel Panel Discussion

In this episode, Jeff and Laura sit down with the amazing authors Faye Whyte and Tory Element to build a character wheel for the protagonist of the movie Die Hard, John McClane. They talk about what makes up a character’s voice, how his voice modulates in different scenarios, and how to effectively use a characterContinue reading “Episode 23 – Die Hard Character Wheel Panel Discussion”

Episode 21 – John Sales and Ground Hog Day

In this episode of the podcast, Jeff is joined by his brother-in-law, John Sales. John, a fantastic writer and all-around wonderful human, and Jeff discuss the movie Ground Hog’s Day. Using the repeated scene structure of the screenplay, the talk about how character transformation is demonstrated as settings replay but the character’s reaction changes. YouContinue reading “Episode 21 – John Sales and Ground Hog Day”