You’ve taken courses, you’ve scoured the internet for help, and you’ve tried reading your words aloud. You’ve written, deleted, and rewritten. You’ve tried keeping it brief and making sure it only serves the plot. You’ve even hired editors, only to have them tell you that your dialogue still doesn’t sound “real.”

It doesn’t seem to matter what you try, the dialogue in your stories falls flat and it’s affecting your sales.

Readers start your books, but they’re not finishing them and they’re not reading through your series. You can’t seem to tap a larger audience and your reviews show it.

I understand.

I’ve been there.

What if the next time you wrote a book, you filled it with engaging characters who each had an authentic voice? What if each scene’s dialogue was so engrossing that readers felt as though the characters were talking directly to them? What if your dialogue was so captivating that readers quoted lines of it to their friends?

You can write dialogue that will become the centerpiece of your work, the thing that grabs readers’ attention and won’t let them go.

You can write characters’ dialogue that readers will love to quote. You can write conversations that readers will lose themselves in, reading them over and over for the pure joy of it. You can build character voices your readers will embrace so intensely that they feel like old friends.

I’ll show you how.

Let’s start by working through one of your stories together.

Send me an email with a 500-to-3000-word scene attached and we will schedule a 1-hour call to review the scene together.

At the end of the call, you will have practical and personalized steps you can take to improve your dialogue in all your future writing.