Congratulations! You’re writing a book. We’d love to help you along in your journey.


Want to improve your dialogue and get some feedback on a work in progress?

If you have listened to the podcast, you’ve likely heard us do one of these sessions. We will give you notes on 2000 words and identify techniques specific to your story that will improve your dialogue throughout your work. This includes a 60-minute Zoom call.

Price: $79 per session


Starting to write or edit and want help refining the cast to strengthen your story?

We specialize in building a cast of unique characters with strategic voices that will take your readers on an emotional journey as they read your story. During these sessions, we will refine your characters’ voices and roles to empower you to make the most out of your story. This includes a 90-minute Zoom call with both Jeff and Laura.

Price: $199 per session


Working on a book and need help moving it forward?

This is the Dialogue Doctor’s most comprehensive coaching service. Tailored coaching based on your individual writing and story needs that includes voice work, character development, plot refinement, emotional flow and construction of a scene, and/or line edits. This service includes a block of four 60-minute Zoom calls.

Price: $349 for 4 sessions

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