“Jeff has fundamentally improved how I approach storytelling. His guidance and advice has been invaluable, helping to cure me of mono-mouth – all of my characters sounded the same. After working with Jeff, I can now confidently create dynamic, interesting, and unique characters that are so real I find myself talking to them. Jeff is a total pro with a warm disposition and the heart of a teacher. His services are unparalleled.”

J Thorn, Top 100 Most Popular Author in Horror, Science Fiction, Action & Adventure, and Fantasy (Amazon Author Rank). who has Published Two Million words and has Sold More than 185,000 Books Worldwide

“After years of publishing books, I didn’t think I could learn anything new about craft. But, with Jeff Elkin’s expertise in dialogue, I’ve learned how to level-up my storytelling and create distinct character voices. I took away tools that I will implement for future books, which I know will bring my novels to life and help me produce memorable characters for my readers. I highly recommend Jeff’s services, you won’t be disappointed.”

Katlyn Ducan, Multi-Published Author of Adult and Young Adult Fiction, Ghost Written Over 40 Novels.

“Jeff Elkins is an amazing editor. He is very thoughtful and helpful…he also is candid and clear. I’ve worked with a lot of editors over the years and it can be difficult for people of color to find a developmental editor who is open enough to allow their voices to resonate. Jeff is someone who knows how to allow the space for diversity to shine. I look forward to working with him in the near future.” 

Alicia McCalla, Author of 7 books and an Activist in the Movement Towards Diversifying Science fiction and Fantasy (#diversityinSFF)

“Jeff’s Dialogue Doctor coaching has been an incredible experience. Through our weeks working together, Jeff’s guided me and helped me recognise some of the ways that my dialogue has been holding back my writing. He’s spotted bad habits I was totally unaware of and as soon as he pointed them out, one in particular was so obvious, but I couldn’t see it myself. As a result of Jeff’s help, my characters are stronger, my dialogue is tighter and more powerful and my writing has a new depth. Jeff’s a great coach to work with too; he has an infectious energy and enthusiasm, gives great feedback and I left every call with him feeling motivated and upbeat! If your dialogue isn’t where you want it to be, you need the Doctor – the Dialogue Doctor.”

Mona Marple, Cozy Mystery Author of 15+ books

“Working with Jeff gave me the tools I needed to be able to give my novel’s characters the voices they deserved. Not only was he able to explain ‘how’, but he also patiently explained ‘why’ my dialogue wasn’t working.” 

Sharilyn Decter, Author of 8 novels including the Bootleggers’ Chronicles and the Rum Runners’ Trilogy

“Wow! After only one session of working with Jeff, my writing has transformed. My characters’ voices are much more distinct, and I understand how my narration technique was holding me back. I’m excited to work with Jeff again and improve my writing even more.”   

Sally Rigby, UK author of the acclaimed Cavendish & Walker, and Sebastian Clifford crime fiction series.

I struggle with bringing vivid detail and good dialogue into some of my scenes.  In my session with Jeff, he provided all kinds of practical ideas and suggestions for one of my scenes that I will apply not only there, but in other scenes in my book. If I get stuck again, unable to make other scenes in my book pop, I won’t hesitate to book more sessions with Jeff to help me polish them to a shine.  I recommend the Dialogue Doctor to anyone who feels stuck or is struggling to improve the dialogue, emotion, and granular detail of their stories and scenes. It was just the motivation I needed to keep going on my book.  Seriously helpful!”

Lily Ann Fouts, Author and Blogger

My session with Jeff was eye-opening. By considering how the characters interact, how their conversations rise and fall, and how that movement affects the way readers feel about the characters’ relationships, I’ve been able to make my writing more compelling and the story more captivating.

Jane Gorman, author of Scones and Scofflaws, a Cape May Cozy Mystery with a Twist