Write Engaging Character Voices Master Mind Class

Launching or editing a book?

Want to write characters who will grab a reader’s attention?

Trying to write dialogue that will keep a reader engaged?

This cohort is for you.

By building a dynamic cast of characters with unique voices, you will take your work to the next level. We want to help.

10 Weeks

2 Dialogue Experts

8 Students

Each week, we will work together on the cast of characters in your book. 90-minute weekly sessions will include:

  • 30 minutes of instruction
  • 30 minutes of expert review of a student character wheel
  • 30 minutes of progress updates, discussion, and support

April 24 through June 26

The specific date/time will be determined based on student and instructor availability.

As we help one another on our projects, each week we will focus on a different aspect of building characters.

  • Week 1 – Introductions and Understanding Character Voice
  • Week 2 – Building a Character Wheel Chart
  • Week 3 – Shaping Your Protagonists to Match Themes
  • Week 4 – Using the Wheel to Write a Dialogue Only First Draft
  • Week 5 – Modulating a Character’s Voice for Emotional Impact
  • Week 6 – Building Antagonists that Work with Your Protagonists
  • Week 7 – Building Allies that Work with Your Protagonists
  • Week 8 – Maximizing Side Characters
  • Week 9 – Using the Wheel to Edit DialogueMaximizing Side Characters
  • Week 10 – Review, Celebrate, and Moving Forward

Bonus: Cohort members will get lifetime access to the Dialogue Doctor Slack Channel to continue working together and interact with other Dialogue Doctor Writers.

Cost of the Master Mind Class is one payment of $699 or four payments of $200.

Sound exciting?

Apply today!

Click here to fill out an application.

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