Build Your Cast Workshop

Want to write characters who will grab a reader’s attention?

Starting a project and want to make sure the character voices are strong?

Writing a series and worried your character voices are flat and all sound the same?

This mini-conference is for you!

The workshop will be August 28 from 12 to 4 pm (EST) 

During the conference, you will learn:
–The components of a character voice,
–How to design character voices that will engage readers,
–How to build a cast of complimenting and contrasting voices,
–How to use these character voices to empower your plot,
–Tips and tricks on writing the voices you’ve designed,
–And how to use tools that will empower your editing. 

I love this mini-conference format because it allows us to go deeper than we can ever go on the podcast. 

After the conference, you will be given a recording of the 4-hour teaching so you can reference it again whenever you want.

The cost of attending the mini-conference is $249. 

Workshop attendees also get lifetime access to the Dialogue Doctor Slack Group.

If you would like to register, click here and fill out the form. 

BONUS: Laura and Jeff have 8 slots available for participants who would like an additional follow-up appointment. 

During this 90-minute session, We will talk through your cast of voices with you, help you refine those voices, and give you tips for writing/editing the voices.  These appointments cost an additional $150. They will be given first-come-first-serve. 

Click here to register.