Episode 77 – Talking Characterization with the 3 Story Method Editors

In this episode, Jeff is joined by some of the Three Story Method Editors. They talk about what makes great characters, characters they want to see more of, and character tropes they think are played out.

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To find out more about the editors that joined Jeff, check out the links below.

Three Story Method Editors: https://theauthorlife.com/editing/

Christine Daigle: https://www.christinedaiglebooks.com/author-services

Cathy Peper: https://cathypeper.com

VE Griffith: https://vegriffith.com

Catherine Hernadez: https://www.scribes-pen.com/

Kathrese McKee: https://www.writingpursuits.com/

JP Rindfleisch: http://www.jprindfleischix.com/services/

To watch Jeff and the editors talk, check out the video on YouTube:

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