Episode 101 – Dillon Mesquitta and Removing Reader Burden

In this episode, Jeff and author Dillon Mesquitta talk about removing burdens from the reader. After discussing the great things Dillon is doing with his dialogue, he and Jeff talk about making character interactions clear, using descriptions to show emotional context, and making sure names aren’t confusing.

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One thought on “Episode 101 – Dillon Mesquitta and Removing Reader Burden

  1. Hi Dillon. Your story sounds great! Jeff, providing feedback within the context of removing burdens from the reader was enlightening. Your comments made sense and gave me ideas on how to integrate utterances (dialogue) and world-building so that they enhance the reader’s experience instead of interrupting the flow (pace) of dialogue causing the reader to go back (rewind) and re-read to discover what they missed. Having the opportunity to sit in while you and Dillon discussed her story was a great learning experience! Thank you!

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