Episode 100 – Claire Taylor and Enneagram for Writers

In this Grand Rounds episode, Jeff interviews Claire Taylor from FFS media about the enneagram. They discuss their experience with the personality typing system, how writers can use the enneagram to create diverse casts, how writers can build character voices from the enneagram, and Claire’s new Kickstarter project.

To find more about Claire’s services, go to https://www.ffs.media/

To join Claire’s Kickstarter, go to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ffsmedia/reclaim-your-author-career

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One thought on “Episode 100 – Claire Taylor and Enneagram for Writers

  1. For me, Jeff, your discussion with Claire Taylor was a great introduction to Enneagrams. I’m looking forward to learning how to use enneagrams in order to understand character motivation so that I develop dynamic characters and stories. Jeff, I especially found it helpful when you translated enneagram designated types according to the cadence, pace, and body language elements that create character voice! Thank you for introducing us to Claire, her work, and her Kickstarter Project!

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