Episode 122 – Special Addition of the Author Life

In this episode, the podcast is taken over by the Author Life as J Thorn and Jeff sit down to talk about the starting of the Dialogue Doctor. J walks Jeff back to when it all started and how things got kicked off. This is the first episode in a 12 episode special addition of the Author Life. https://theauthorlife.transistor.fm/episodes

The other episodes include: 

  • The Journey Begins – Jeff and J’s first conversation and the Business Model Canvas
  • Jeff Knows He Can Do This – a look at Story Brand
  • Time to Niche Down – identifying Jeff’s niche
  • All Problems Can Be Solve – the power of emotion in purchasing decisions
  • Crafting Customer Archetype Stories – Goin gdeep into what a customer needs
  • Getting Specific – Client Work is like Therapy
  • Laying Out the Web Page – the mechanics of building a webpage
  • Lead Generation – from a website to a business
  • Refining teh Sales Copy – building the website to move people through
  • All About Podcasting – what it takes to start and launch a podcast
  • Q and A – Jeff has LOTS of questions
  • Where it is Now – Jeff and J talk about what the Dialogue Doctor has become

Find all the episodes by clicking here: https://theauthorlife.transistor.fm/episodes

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