Episode 83 – Understanding a Character’s Wants and Needs

In this episode, Jeff is joined by 6 Three Story Method Editors to discuss writing the wants and needs of characters. The group defines wants and needs, talks about how the needs connect to the internal wound, discuss how to show characters maturing in their needs, and debate if needs can change in the middle of a story.

Here are links to the editors who were on the call: V.E. Griffith – https://vegriffith.com/

Catherine Hernandez – https://www.scribes-pen.com/

Valerie Ihsan – https://valerieihsan.com/

Adam Roberson – https://www.craftandtradeauthorservices.com/

Cathy Peper – http://cathypeper.com/authorservices/

Christine Daigle – https://www.christinedaiglebooks.com/author-services

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One thought on “Episode 83 – Understanding a Character’s Wants and Needs

  1. Great Presentation on Character’s Wants and Needs. Thank you so much for giving your time and sharing your knowledge! I learned a great deal from all of you!

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