Episode 4 – J Thorn

In this episode, Jeff Elkins and J Thorn sit down in this episode to look at the first chapter of a book J is working on. They discuss making different character voices different from one another, creating an emotional flow to a scene, how characters’ voices should change in that flow, and how power dynamics should impact a scene.

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J is a prolific author who writes post-apocalyptic and horror novels. He also writes nonfiction for authors. You can find his work on Amazon by clicking here. I highly recommend his book, Three Story Method. It is a master class on how to plot a book.

J is also a masterful podcaster with multiple podcasts in the world. To learn more from J about writing, check out:

The Career Author Podcast – https://thecareerauthor.com/podcast/

The Writer’s Well Podcast – https://thewriterswell.org/

Writer’s Ink Podcast – https://writersinkpodcast.com/

A fun side note, recorded in April of 2020, this is the first time Jeff ever gave dialogue advice to someone.

Are you interested in working through a chapter with Jeff? Click here.

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