Episode 115 – Three Story Method Editors on Theme

In this episode, Jeff is joined by 6 Three Story Method Editors to discuss the concept of theme. After defining “theme” and giving examples of stories they love that has great themes, they talk about mistakes writers make in writing theme, some ways they’ve seen writers incorporate theme into their work, and they provide tips weaving themes into your novel.

If you enjoyed listening to the editors, please consider working with them. You can find the editors at:

A.B. Cohen – https://abcohenwrites.com/

Catherine Hernandez – https://www.scribes-pen.com/

V.E. Griffith – https://vegriffith.com/

Ran Weingartner – https://weingartnerbooks.com/keystolifeonearth/

Valerie Ihsan – https://valerieihsan.com/

JP Rindfleisch IX – https://www.jprindfleischix.com/

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