Episode 116 – Halloween Special – JP Rindfleisch and Horror/Comedy

In this special Halloween episode, Jeff is joined by his co-writer JP Rindfleisch to celebrate finishing the 1st season of their serial fiction and to talk about the challenges of writing a horror-comedy. This conversation goes a little long because JP and I have a great time together.

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In case you want to skip around, here is the time code breakdown:

  • Short conversation about Vella: 4:45-8:42
  • Halloween childhood memories: 8:42-20:50
  • Favorite Horror Stories: 20:50-38:40
  • What Scares You: 38:40-49:27
  • What Inspires Your Horror Writing: 49:27-58:30
  • Balancing Comedy and Horror in a Scene: 58:30-1:12:17
  • Reflections on Season 1: 1:12:17-1:28:42

If you would rather watch Jeff and JP talk, check out the conversation on YouTube:

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