Episode 64 – JP Rindfleicsh and Christine Daigle

In this episode, Jeff is joined by the amazing JP Rindfleisch and the fantastic Christine Daigle to talk about editing, the new Three Story Method Story Diagnostic, and most importantly – serialized fiction.

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You can find the Serial Fiction Show Podcasts (JP and Christine’s podcast) at https://www.serialfictionshow.com/

You can find the Three Story Method Rubric at https://theauthorlife.com/storyrubric/

You can find JP’s editing services at https://www.jprindfleischix.com/services/

Finally, you can find JP and my Vella at https://www.amazon.com/kindle-vella/story/B09H65GWR2

If you would rather watch JP, Christine, and Jeff talk, check them out on YouTube:

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