Episode 103 – Roland Denzel and Using Dialogue in a Scene

Roland and Jeff look at a piece together and discuss getting rid of summaries, building bridges to the reader’s imaginations, and the different parts of dialogue. Together they get deep into how to use dialogue to get the results you want out of your writing.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 103 – Roland Denzel and Using Dialogue in a Scene

  1. Listening to you both was a fantastic learning experience!
    Thank you, Roland, for mentioning the phrase, “Practice Novel.”
    The stress I’ve had over continuing to write a story disappeared.
    I appreciate the paradigm shift and will now consider what I’m writing as, Practice Short Stories and Novels.
    Jeff, I especially enjoyed the discussion on Dialogue Tags and Big Cast Scenes. My mind immediately shot to your and JP Rindfleisch IX’s serial NRDS (National Recently Deceased Services).
    This series is a perfect example of the Art of utilizing dialogue tags compared to its strategic usage.
    If you have time, can you post the podcast number you cited in which you discuss “All Summer In a day?”
    Thank you.

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