Episode 96 – Grand Rounds with Sean Paul Murphy

Sean Paul Murphy joins Jeff to talk about the difference between writing screenplays and writing novels. Bringing a perspective from traditional publishing and movie production, Sean talks about how he got screenplays produced, the difference between novels and screenplays, the importance of character, and how to create an emotional read.

Sean Paul Murphy’s Blog: http://seanpaulmurphyville.blogspot.com/

Sean Paul Murphy’s Podcast: https://yippeekiyaymotherpodcast.com/

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2 thoughts on “Episode 96 – Grand Rounds with Sean Paul Murphy

  1. I enjoyed this discussion very much! It was a treat listening to your guest, Sean Paul Murphy share his vast knowledge, wisdom, and experience. Thanks for including the name and link to his podcast. I look forward to listening. Although I’ve heard similar responses to the question asked, “What advice would you offer writers,” hearing Sean Paul say that it’s critical to make characters strong and that after writing a story put it aside, and write a new story and then go back and re-read the previous story, and don’t fall in love with what you’ve written, gave me ideas on how to adjust my writing practice. Thank you.

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