Episode 131 – Editors Talk Global Conflict, Choice, and Consequence

In this episode, Jeff is joined by Three Story Method Editors Thomas Holbrook, Valerie Ihsan, and Catherine Hernandez to talk about ensuring your story has a strong foundational conflict, choices, and consequences. They talk about their favorite plotting tools, how they structure stories, and the mistakes they see writers making, and how to know when you need to fix your story.

Find Catherine at https://www.scribes-pen.com/

Find Tom at https://holbrookauthorservices.com/holbrook-author-services/

Find Valerie at https://valerieihsan.com/

For more on writing great dialogue, check out https://dialoguedoctor.com/

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2 thoughts on “Episode 131 – Editors Talk Global Conflict, Choice, and Consequence

  1. The discussion is a tremendous resource I will relisten to several times! Thank you all for sharing your time, knowledge, and experiences! And I’ve just sent my request to the library for the books you mentioned. I look forward to reading them.

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