A Dialogue Doctor Session with Lily Ann Fouts

Lily Ann Fouts is a prolific author and blogger. Her book, Live Like a Local in Loja, gives travelers an insiders guide to experiencing the cultural capital of Ecuador; her children’s book, Stella the Starling, follows the growth of a beautiful baby bird; and and on her site, lilyannfouts.com, Lily documents building and earthbag house and traveling through Ecuador.

Jeff and Lily sat down to discuss a scene from her upcoming memoir, Seven Years Running. The work is Lily’s story of living as a childhood fugitive. It’s an exciting and engaging thriller that will pull you in and keep you engaged. Jeff and Lily discuss how use dialogue to zoom into a scene and force readers to feel what our characters are feeling.

One thought on “A Dialogue Doctor Session with Lily Ann Fouts

  1. I am still watching as I write this Lily! I just want your book to be published….the time is nigh. Forget about the stuff behind the scenes because all it is is continued control and power games!!

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