I’ve heard from a lot of writers, “I want to work with you but I don’t have anything to send you yet.”

Even is you don’t have something you are working on right now, here is an opportunity to work with me on a book.

Starting on October 25, I’m going to be editing and rewriting a book I wrote six years ago, Revolution Church. It’s the story of a young couple who moves to Baltimore and has their understanding of the world completely shaken. It was the first novel I wrote and it needs a ton of work.

Would you like to learn about dialogue by working on my book with me?

I will be working on the book for 20 weeks (October 25, 2020, through March 6, 2021).

I’ve got room for 12 people to join me in this project. (Only 3 spots left.)

If you decide to jump in and work with me, here is what you will get:

  • You will get to see my “pre-writing” process. I’ll share with you all my character voice charts and we will jump on a Zoom call to talk about them.
  • I will be editing the book in Google Docs, so you will get exclusive access to my edits and notes.
  • At the end of each week, I’ll post a private video in which I talk about the edits I made and what I am learning from editing my own work.
  • At the beginning of each month, we will all get on a Zoom call. I’ll talk about the work and answer any questions you have.

That’s 20 exclusive videos, a peek behind the curtain, and 6 Zoom calls.

Things we will cover in the 20 weeks:

  • How to use dialogue to show character transformation
  • How to create a character wheel that will help you defeat Monmouth
  • How to create an emotional flow in each scene that will engage readers
  • How to build a large cast of characters readers will be passionate about
  • How to create antagonists that bring the best out of your heroes
  • How to use dialogue effectively in action scenes
  • How to mature a character voice through a book to show how the character is overcoming their fatal flaw
  • And much more

The cost to join the group is $525

(Or 3 installments of $199)

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