Episode 12 – An Interview with Matty Dalrymple

Jeff and Matty Dalrymple sit down to talk about writing large group scenes, stretching characters across a series, and building an audiobook. To find more of Matty’s work, Matty Dalrymple,Author YouTube channel: Dalrymple, The Indy Author: Indy Author YouTube channel: You can listen to the episode by clickingContinue reading “Episode 12 – An Interview with Matty Dalrymple”

Episode 7 – The X-Files

In this episode, Jeff’s great friend Rachael Mueller returns to examine dialogue from the X-Files. Jeff and Rachael talk about keeping science-fiction believable and building contrasting partners who compliment one another. You can listen to the episode at any of the following links: To listen on Spotify, click here. To listen on iTunes, click here.Continue reading “Episode 7 – The X-Files”

Episode 5 – Laura Humm

This week Jeff Elkins sits down with his friend and teacher, Laura Humm. Laura is the COO of SIMmersion, an innovative training company that builds simulations that train professionals in difficult conversations. Additionally, Laura was Jeff’s first editor, got him into writing as a profession, and has taught Jeff much of what he knows aboutContinue reading “Episode 5 – Laura Humm”

Episode 3

In this episode, Jeff is joined by his close friend Rachael Mueller, Lead Narrative Designer at Tail Spin Games. Jeff and Rachael read and discuss scenes from a TV show they both love, The Magicians. In this episode, Jeff and Rachael discuss world building through dialogue, writing characters that consumers remember, and being careful notContinue reading “Episode 3”

A Dialogue Doctor Session with Lily Ann Fouts

Lily Ann Fouts is a prolific author and blogger. Her book, Live Like a Local in Loja, gives travelers an insiders guide to experiencing the cultural capital of Ecuador; her children’s book, Stella the Starling, follows the growth of a beautiful baby bird; and and on her site,, Lily documents building and earthbag houseContinue reading “A Dialogue Doctor Session with Lily Ann Fouts”


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