Episode 41 – Matty Dalrymple Returns

Matty Dalrymple is the author of the Lizzy Ballard Thrillers and the Ann Kinner Novels. She is also the host of the fabulous Indy Author Podcast. (Matty first appeared on the Dialogue Doctor in session 12.) In this episode, Jeff and Matty talk about dialogue attributions, introducing characters effectively, adding big personalities to spice upContinue reading “Episode 41 – Matty Dalrymple Returns”

Episode 34 – The Enneagram with The Maxey Co.

In this episode, Jeff and his wife, Wendy, sit down with Morgan and Robby Maxey of the Maxey Co. Together, Morgan and Robby help people and organizations build positive relationships and reach their potential through the enneagram. In the discussion, they cover the enneagram, talk about its impact on their lives, and look at howContinue reading “Episode 34 – The Enneagram with The Maxey Co.”

Episode 32 – BOOK CLUB – The Sun Also Rises

This week Jeff and Laura are joined by fellow dialogue fanatics Faye and Vince to talk about the Sun Also Rises. After discussing their initial impressions of the book, they get into: 1) How they were impacted by Hemingway’s massive use of dialogue, 2) Hemingway’s obsession over some details while ignoring others completely 3) HowContinue reading “Episode 32 – BOOK CLUB – The Sun Also Rises”


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