The Dialogue Doctor Book Coaching Team offers 3 different types of coaching:

  • Single Chapter Coaching – this type of coaching is focused on analyzing what you are doing and giving you tips on how to improve your dialogue.
    • You will provide a Dialogue Doctor Book Coach with 2000-3000 words, we will email you back notes and then jump on a call to talk through the edits and how you can improve as a writer.
    • You will leave this session with practical steps on how you can improve your dialogue.
    • The cost is $79 per session.
  • Cast Building Coaching – this type of coaching centers on the book or series you are working on.
    • You will jump on a Zoom call with two Dialogue Doctor Book Coaches and they will talk through your cast with you to help you develop stronger character voice.
    • You will this session with a better understanding of your characters’ voices that will impower you to finish your work more efficiently.
    • The cost is $199 per session.
  • Book Coaching – this is the most comprehensive coaching service we offer. You will reserve four coaching sessions with a Dialogue Doctor Book Coach.
    • Before the first session, the coach will talk with you about where you are hoping to strengthen your writing. Each session, you will send the coach 4000 to 6000 words. The coach will send you edits on those words and then hop on a call coach you through how to improve your writing.
    • This service puts an experienced Dialogue Doctor Book coach in your corner. Some clients use this service for months to get help finishing a book. Other clients stick to four sessions to get help with specific issues in their writing.
    • The cost is $349 for 4 sessions.

Not sure which type of coaching you need?

Looking for someone to edit a finished manuscript? All of the Dialogue Doctor Book coaches also do full manuscript editing. Reach out to them directly to discuss availability and pricing.

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